Helzberg Diamonds "Bridal" Campaign

Our partnership with Helzberg Diamonds began with a simple request - help us get onto YouTube. And boy do we love being helpful and so naturally, we said “I do”. We knew that we needed to curate a campaign that would hit social media with a splash and remained authentic to Helzberg Bridal. Over the first few meetings we got to the heart of their brand identity - looking at ways tone and style could translate to a social media landscape. Injecting humor and fun would set Helzberg apart from the crowd while remaining consistent with their brand. From there we crafted a content approach that would span multiple years and a plethora of assets for YouTube and every social platform. As part of the package, we developed specifically crafted TikTok and IG reels that helped prolong the life of their campaign and reach an even wider audience. In order to create a series that had the runway for a “skies the limit” deliverable approach with an easily recognizable thread of brand recognition we concocted “Kevin,” a hopeless romantic, relentlessly positive, Helzberg associate who would lead the campaign. Kevin’s calling? Find the perfect engagement ring at the right price for every customer… and help them propose in an adorable, extravagant, and unique way. Over the course of our series Kevin has played the violin to set the mood, blown up 500 balloons to pop the question, and created a Winter wonderland in the middle of Summer. We shot on location at a Helzberg Diamonds storefront in Dallas and across central Texas to capture the proposals in different exciting, picturesque locations. In post, we executed over 50 deliverables that created an opportunity for every platform to host content. Our partnership with Helzberg is a great example of our ability to take a request and turn it into a fully executed idea with legs for days. It’s also a great example of how much fun can be had with a custom built swan suit.

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