Under Armour "The Only Way is Through"

We’ll always have a sweet spot for longform filmmaking as it’s why we got in the game to begin with, so when iHeartRadio came to us with a concept for a documentary podcast series for Under Armour, our interest was piqued. Despite it being our first podcast, iHeart put its trust in us to deliver, and we were thrilled with how things came out. We spent the first half of season one traveling all over the country from Baltimore, Maryland to Portland, Oregon, capturing audio interviews with incredible people, sharing stories. While on the road, we scripted, edited, designed and mixed our way through each episode. When the pandemic hit, we pivoted to virtual interviews and recordings, allowing us to continue to work and create captivating episodes with people like Chase Young and Michael Phelps. This was a special opportunity for us, and truly one of our proudest projects as a company.

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