Fords Gin "Lovage"

Directed by Syra McCarthy

When people say “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” that somewhere is always in the vicinity of Nathaniel Merriweather, stereo savant and curator of class. For the re-release of his masterwork “Lovage: Music to Make Love to your Old Lady by,” we collaborated with director Syra McCarthy and Ford’s Gin to bring to life a vintage promo complete with a filmic look, martini shakes and LOTS of sensual glances - aka branded content with a *twist*. We produced this piece and brought Syra’s meticulously crafted, retro vision to life. We guided post from start to finish, writing the copy for the voiceover and using more cross dissolves than humanly possible in the edit. We brought in the creative team at Roast N’ Post to manipulate the image and give it that sexy film footage feeling with the added touches of a sensually smooth audio mix. From there, we broke the main cut down into several cutdowns to help expand the reach of this gem. So, pour yourself a Fords Gin Martini and turn up the volume. We hope you *Lovage* it.

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