Helzberg Diamonds "Custom Customer"

After the success of our first campaign, Helzberg came back to us to continue Kevin’s story of helping excited couples discover the magic and value of Helzberg Diamonds. This time around, we focused on two new offerings from Helzberg - customization and lab grown diamonds. We drafted new concepts around our past campaign’s format, but updated each to make it relevant and fresh. We also worked with Helzberg to create three different social pieces specifically designed to hit key RTB’s for Instagram stories. We wrote scripts and headed out to Dallas, Texas where we worked with their team in store to dress and design our locations. Our art team shined bright (like a diamond) and pulled off some amazing looks for each location, bringing to life our concepts under the skillful guidance of our incomparable director, Carlyn Hudson. We brought in our post supervisor who whipped up two :30’s and two :15’s, hand delivered in every aspect ratio under the sun. At the end of it, we’re super proud with how we built this campaign out from start to finish.

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